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Holidaying in West Wales?

Why not buy or hire a kayak for your holiday. West Wales has some of the best coastline and inland water for kayaking. From family friendly calm waters to good surf. We are located on the main holiday route and can arrange to supply or hire roof racks to suit most makes of car. Email us for more information

WW Kayaks

Suppliers of kayaks and watersport equipment and accessories. Browse our site for the latest equipment and best deals around.

We aim to be the best value for money specialists suppliers around, so if you have any questions about equipment or price then please contact us.

Our staff are dedicated and above all enthusiasts so we are always keen to listen to you and help with any questions you have.

WW Kayaks supply and recommend Bic Sport Kayaks. Why?

Something for everyone
Our range of Bic Sport Kayaks has something for everyone. The Ouassou for versatile family fun in the waves and rivers, the multi purpose Bilbao for beginners and experienced, the Tobago for two or more and the Scapa for speed and conditioning.

Innovation, Design and Flexibility
In three years, Bic Sport has become one of the most important characters in the kayak market. This success is due, in big part, to the importance they put in the innovation during the conception of the boats.

For more detail on Bic Kayaks click here

Free Delivery!

We are currently running a limited free delivery offer on many items including Kayaks! So no hidden costs make your final purchase price the best around. If you find better, let us know and we will beat it!


We also stock a range of spare parts. Call or email for more details.

Try Before you Buy!

Based within 20 minutes of the West Wales coast we can arrange a great opportunity to try out our kayaks with no obligation. Give us a call to try out a kayak now!

Exciting new products from BIC!

Check out these exciting new products from BIC.
BIC Kayak Trolley - what we have all been crying out for. Now its here!
Bilbao Fishing - specially designed for fishing
More Yakkas - bigger and camouflaged!
More colours for more kayaks - orange, red, blue, yellows
More kit - new bags and accessories.
Some of these are so new that we havent updated the online ordering yet. But that doesnt mean you cant have them.
Email or call us now for pricing and availability.

Yes the Summer offer is still on and no it isnt summer any more!!!
Check out the offers page!

WWKayaks supported our friends Brewer and Dyson as they raised money for charity paddling on the Devizes to Westminster Internation Canoe Marathon.