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Holidaying in West Wales?

Why not buy or hire a kayak for your holiday. West Wales has some of the best coastline and inland water for kayaking. From family friendly calm waters to good surf. We are located on the main holiday route and can arrange to supply or hire roof racks to suit most makes of car. Email us for more information

Innovation in the equipment

BIC Sport kayaks are the modern benchmark for high quality equipment. All accessories have been designed to make your outings easier and more fun. From the comfort of the seats, the easy transport, stowage and bag storage, increased durability, everything has been analysed in minute detail with major emphasis placed on strength and aesthetics.

Foam pads on the seats = better paddling comfort.

Abrasion protectors front and rear (Bilbao and Tobago). Rear is fitted with a drag wheel = for greater protection + easy launching.

Elasticised straps (Bilbao)= Allows secure carrying of equipment and easy accessibility.

Rubber coated front and rear carry handles = protection from dings and scratches and for easy launching.

Safety lines (Bilbao, Tobago, Scapa) = allows for easy re-entry into kayak.

transport net (Bilbao) = stores your equipment within easy reach.

WWKayaks supported our friends Brewer and Dyson as they raised money for charity paddling on the Devizes to Westminster Internation Canoe Marathon.